Saturday, February 28, 2009

No Entry for Marathi movies in Mumbai theatres

With all the talk of Marathi Cinema undergoing a renaissance… 3M was surprised to see that Theatre owners are protesting against a 1968 Maharashtra Government order which makes it compulsory for all cinema halls to exhibit Marathi movies for 4 weeks in a year. Authorities had actually never verified whether the theatrewallas are complying with the order. Now when the government has tightened the screws by threatening to cancel the license of the non-compliers, Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association has started protesting.

3M is reminded of the Marathi Patya issue which raged 6 months ago… Be rest assured that MNS will soon jump in the fray to convert ‘non-compliers’ into ‘compliers’!


iampriteshdesai said...


Vander Konig said...

Its called Economics dude

Of course the MNS wouldn't know this

BharGo said...

then they should give up the tax holiday that they are enjoying!


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