Thursday, July 28, 2011

Madhuri Dixit is impressed with Uddhav Thackeray's 'Virtual Classrooms'!

This is a classic case of misplaced priorities... "आधी कळस... मग पाया!"


Anonymous said...

Naysayers bang again.
Virtual classrooms are need of the time and we must be happy to see that Muncipal schools are going this way. Many thanks to Uddhav Thakarey for his vision. There are so many concepts and chapters in science which are difficult to explain by teacher, can be done very well with the help of animation and graphics. Muncipal students should not be deprived from such modern teaching. Muncipal schools are much better placed as far as infrastructure goes in caparison with numerous private schools.

BharGo said...

The links below will tell you the BMC schools lack basic facilities

Need I say more!

Anonymous said...

My mother retired as a school teacher and served BMC for more than 35 yrs. Being a transferable job she worked with numerous BMC schools. Hence I have closely witnessed functionality of BMC schools, their problem and infrastructure but never found them much inferior in facilities than my 'private' school. Media is always after loopholes and it is required too. But their reports are often misguiding and prejudiced. We have to keep our eyes open to know the truth.


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