Saturday, July 16, 2011

Letter to Indian Express Editor

As expected after a Mumbai terror attack, English media has started the ‘Separate Mumbai from Maharashtra’ campaign. Your Editorial as well as Shekhar Gupta’s column today emphasised on the same! You have briefly explained the problem with reference to MMRDA but not completely. The problem lies in the fact that Congress (I) has not accepted the fact that Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra! After 51 years of creation of the state, they still have 2 independent bodies - a ‘Mumbai Regional Committee’ headed by Mr. Kripashankar Singh and a ‘Maharashtra Pradesh Committee’ by Mr. Manikrao Thakre. This is the only state in India that has two Congress committees. The former has 36 assembly seats under its jurisdiction while the later has 252 assembly seats. You don’t have be a rocket scientist to realise that the CM will always be from the Maharashtra Pradesh Committee. So how will he take care of the region in the hands of the rival committee?

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Mumbaikar said...

perfect argument!


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