Sunday, July 24, 2011

Google petition in Saamana Newspaper

Saamana Newspaper carried information about my Google petition. But there are some factual errors in the article:
·        The Arabic petition is for including the language in PS3 browser and not in Google
·        The URL given is when it should have been!


Ajay Godbole said...

I have signed the Petition.
I had raised this with google 2 years back... but no reply from them

hope to read news in marathi on veer soon

BharGo said...

Thanks for signing... Once we gather critical mass (25K+)Google cannot ignore this request!

BTW, I have added all the online Marathi newspapers in left column of my blog for you... Something is better than ajibaat nothing ;-)

Ajay Godbole said...

I got an reply from google
ou can request a new language addition as well several other features for Google News through this page:

If you cannot find the language you want to request for in the 'Language additions' section, scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'I have another idea' and choose 'Language Additions'. Then type the languages you would like to include in Google News and hit the blue bar 'Suggest it'.

Jayesh Yewale said...

Everything is Going On Full Speed///

मी आपल्या या petition ला पुढे नेण्या साठी फेसबुक वर एक Event चालू केला आहे...

ज्या मध्ये ९५० जणांनी Petition Sign केले आहेत...

Mohit Singh said...

its good if google ads marathi languge but it will take time. nice efforts.thanks to provide information about Marathi News Paper.

KedarLasane said...

मराठीला स्थान मिळणे हा आपला हक्कच !! गुगलने मराठीला स्थान न देणे हे त्यांचे दुर्दैव !!


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