Saturday, January 24, 2009

Taxiwallahs start ‘understanding’ Marathi

One of 3M’s cousins recently came back to Mumbai for a month long holiday from US. Staying at her Matunga apartment, she decided to inculcate a regime of morning walks @ Shivaji Park to shed a few kilos before heading home. To avoid the murky footpaths on the way, she decided to use the Legendary Mumbai Taxis. Much to her chagrin, most of the taxiwallahs refused to ply such a short distance.

Then her Gujarati neighbour taught her a trick that worked wonders. It was a method that was “foolproof”. And what was that? Speak to the Taxiwallah in MARATHI… Surprisingly, the trick worked for the entire month!

3M is amused that a Gujarati advised a Marathi Manoos about using the T-factor to one's advantage!


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