Sunday, January 11, 2009

Access restricted to Pink Beauties @ Mahul!

Every year thousands of Flamingos flock different parts of the Thane creek in winter… from Airoli to Uran and from Shivdi to Mahul. This year the “foreign dignitaries” have been fewer in number and the only place where you can get a decent dekho is the Mahul Creek that lies about 4 Kms south of Chembur.

Today 3M had gone to Mahul Koliwada with like minded friends to see these pink beauties. The group leader had arranged for a fishing boat to take us into the mangroves where the birds are currently residing. We were told that after 26/11, you have to carry a photo copy of your identification proof to get entry into the Mahul Creek. Another group from Photographic Society of India was also present with “all the requisite permissions”. Finally, no one was allowed in the creek due to “security reason”… a classic case of bolting the stable doors after the horses have ran away!

3M was amused that two policemen with lathis were “protecting” the jetty from potential foreign terrorist!

But for those who may not be very keen on bird watching, Mahul Koliwada has another surprise in store… It is hosting a Koli Festival during the “Mumbai Festival” at the end of this month… so expect a lot of song and dance accompanied by fish fry!

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