Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Karve’s Sex literacy magazine revived

After a gap of more than half a century, a group of spirited Punekars have revived Samaj Swasthya, the pioneering sex education magazine in Marathi.


Anonymous said...

Pl write about Belgaon issue like kannada bloggers. Marathi bloggers should put forth our legtimate stand. kannad bloogers are so arrogant that they fear to put comments which will expose kar double speak abt belgaon issue.

i would also request u to change the design to make it more attractive.thanks.

BharGo said...

Took some time for the Belgaum post as i wanted to give a balanced article... did not want to be jingoistic like some bloggers. Hope you are satisfied with the post!

As for the design, i have kept it simple and straight... will review it in the coming months...

Do keep reading... and giving your feedback!

Anonymous said...

Yes saw the report very well drafted unlike jingoistic double speak of kannada bloggers.
i think the simple and clean look like that of wordpress will suit to 3M.

Naresh said...

Marathi has so much of Kannada words. Karnatique has proved it.



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