Sunday, January 4, 2009

“Forgive Kasab”

“Forgive Kasab as he is only 21 and has been brainwashed. We should try to help him come back to normal”

No… this is not a statement made by a Pakistani official or cleric… But by Hemant Karkare’s daughter! During an interview on IBN-Lokmat today, Mrs. Karkare revealed a lot of her own views on a variety of issue in addition her daughter’s thoughts. The grit and determination shown by that woman was amazing. 'We need 1000 more Karkares in India today!'

BTW is Pakistan listening?


Mahesh Vijapurkar said...

I disagree with the view that Kasab was brainwashed and should be allowed to go. It is horrendous and has grave implications. That kind of emotion has got us into the mess we are in now because we did not know how to deal with terror.

Does the sacrifice of a man like Karkare gives the family a right to compromise on security issues just as the country is commencing its voyage on a new path? Mind you, the voyage has just started, in somewhat a halting, tentative manner. Please don't bung spanners in the works now. It would be inopportune.

My advise to the family: please, realise that we grieve with you for your loss, we are angry at what happened to your family. But to me, the country's loss is equally important. But such talk about forgiving Kasab is ill-placed emotion. And the silly media - I have been part of it for 36 years and should know what I am saying - ought to know better than asking questions put to the karkare family.

Next, why not ask the Karkare family dog, if they have one, to go sniff Kasab and declare him not guilty! Oh God!

The country ought to learn from Israel as to what a country and its flag mean and what lengths one ought to go to protect it. But that does not mean India should be a war-monger; far from it. There should be no mercy, no other cheek, no consideration to the invador.

If you ask me, instead of bleating like a struck pig and begging other nations to act against Pakistan, what stopped us from halting issues of all viasa to Pakistanis, cancelling all visas issued, stop all trade and push it to the knees? If we don't act, why should other country's be our proxies and fight for our cause? What is stopping us from doing our bit? Remember, we cannot fight our enemy without clearly, unambiguously identifying him.

It is time we get our bearings right, and time the Karkares got theirs too!

Nitin Ule said...

Indians are Darya-Dil people.. And our this Darya-Dil Attitude is going to convert whole india into an Islamic country by 2040.

well pakis dont feel any difference between Hen and Hindus.. they cut both of them in a same halal manner.. :-) I pity these type of gandhiwadi and gandu people. because of these type of people today a very dangerous situation is approaching in india (for a green tomorrow)

And she wants 1000 more karkare.. that means one thousand more widows .. may be 1500 more kids will mourn for their loving father..and many friends, relatives.. is this she want by forgiving kasab and encouraging another terrorists?

many wil use forgiving language now and will try to become another gandhi... India is really becoming a country of faggots. (शंढ किंवा Gay)

saurabh said...

I fully agree with Mr. Mahesh!!! We Indians are way too emotional and sensitive in such matters.. According to me, this is what is acting as a big hurdle on the way to eradicate terrorism from our coutry!
The comment given by Daughter of Mr.Karkare is indeed irresponsible and thoughtless. Just when the whole city is trying to come back in terms with the terror attack, such statements may act as a hindrance to the process of peace and proceedings.
Its quiet strange. Amongst all the people of this city, the person who should be having maximum hatred and anger towards the terrorists, is herself asking to forgive him!!! WHAT A SHAME! If the daughter herself of this great Martyr is going to give such comments, what should the Country look forward to??????????????????????????????

Mahesh Vijapurkar said...

It is good to see people agreeing with my point of view, even if one of them has used intemperate language, not a very Marathi attitude.

My suspicion is that Mrs Karkare is aiming at some political office, maybe a ticket in the next round of elections. Or else, I cannot imagine a grieving widow on such full publicity blitz, though of course, part or even the major reason could be the mindless media.

Come to think of it - we mourn the pointless death of the three officers - Karkare, Kamte and Salaskar. But these three are heroes? Or just three persons who blundered onto the scene of the crime and got shot like sitting ducks?

I'd have credited such senior officials with the ability to think out the possibilities because by the time they got into the single vehicle and went towards the Cama Hospital that it was a terror attack. But the good thing is that had some Sakharam Havildar or a Pandu had died thus, he would not have been even mentioned. Why is that we don't hear the plaudits for Omble who wrestled Kasab as he was firing and made it possible for the lone capture of a terrorist near the Chowpati?

Is it because a Omble was small-fry, does not have a family which has the sophsitication of a Mrs Karkare? Or the ability to glance at notes written down before the tele-interview?

Note what she spoke - her husband made her privy to the Malegaon terror attack's investigation and she says he had all the evidence. That was indiscrete of the man, and for the woman to let it out that he discussed that with her.

Watch out for this lady! You may see more of her as time moves on!

Nitin Ule said...

ooops .. I used intemperate language.. I forgot i am a decent indian and i should stick to it for years.(after next terror attack(s) also)... Things should be discussed, discussed and only discussed in a proper manner always...

Yes.. even i feel Mrs. karkare is looking for a ticket. and these type of forgiving people are always welcome in politics... lets hope for the worse ;-) (we dont have any option either)


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