Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Great Sena Yo-Yo

After being the self appointed guardian of Marathi Manoos for decades, Shiv Sena ‘broadened’ its vision to hardcore Hindutva in the mid 1980s… By 2005 they realised that they have to appease the ‘Uttar Bharatiya’ vote bank (how dare you call them ‘bhaiyyas’!) to retain power in the Mumbai Municipality (BMC)… and the ‘Mee Mumbaikar’ campaign was born. Raj Thackeray was quick to understand the pulse of the emerging Marathi voter who was being alienated by the senior Sena. When MNS pushed the ‘Marathi Agenda’ full throttle, Shiv Sena was forced to revert to their ‘original philosophy’. But sadly the ‘Marathi Manoos’ baton seems to be clearly in Raj’s hand.

Now the new banners of Yuva Sena clearly show that the mother Sena wants to again ‘broaden its agenda’… this yo-yoing will certainly hurt them and they will be ‘ghar ka na ghat ka’!

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