Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Global Thinkers and 'Marathi Manoos'

The ‘Foreign Policy’ Magazine has released its list of ‘Top 100 Global Thinkers’ which includes 8 people of Indian origin… and Maharashtra Times is celebrating the fact that a Marathi Manoos – Dr. Atul Gavande (#72) has made it to the list. So 3M took a closer look… and to his surprise there are actually two Marathi Manoos in the list! Fareed Zakaria (#17), editor of Newsweek Magazine, comes from a Konkani Muslim family from Nala Sopara in Thane District of Maharashtra… So does that make him a lesser ‘son of the soil’ as compared to a Marathi Hindu?

3M Trivia: Nandan Nilekani (#43) also comes from a Konkani family from Sirsi.


Anonymous said...

Good one Bhargo.

It is impossible to understand why these people refuse marathi status to marathi muslims.!!

Right Wing said...

but does Zakaria consider himself to be a 'Marathi Manoos'?

Nasser Surve said...

I am a Konkani Muslim and i consider myself a Marathi. Marathi language is our mother tongue (Mai boli). In Konkan there is nothing called Hindu/Muslim. It is Shiv Sena who tries to create trouble between Muslims and Hindus of Konkan. But with god helps Konkan never ever seen any riots and will always be an example of unity. Raj Saheb is the only person who thinks about Marathis Hindu or Muslim we all are same. Jai Maharashtra

Like that only said...

Mr. Surve it is heartening to know that you consider yourself marathi. But i have only one question for you. Raj'saheb' claims that Bala'saheb' is his god and Bal says muslims should be thrown out of India. So how can you support Raj?

Aslam Gadkari said...

Bcoz rajsaheb is not in shivsena. He have many marathi muslim frnds. He know the problems true marathi manus. We all support raj saheb.
Jai Maharashtra


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