Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Non-breaking news!

Sulochana, the leading Marathi actress of yesteryears will be soon awarded the highest civilian award in the state – Maharashtra Bhushan. She has acted in over 250 Marathi and Hindi movies over the last 6 decades. Her role as Jijabai in ‘Maratha Tituka Melavava’ was so convincing that it became a benchmark for all the other ‘Jijabais’ in the years to come!

Almost all the Marathi newspapers carried this news on the front page today… but the English dailies (except DNA) gave it a total miss. That just reinforces 3M’s theory (1, 2, 3) that English Newspapers in Mumbai believe ‘Marathi News’ is not good enough to be associated with! Surprisingly, Times of India’s editions in Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad are more than happy to carry news about ‘native culture’ of their respective states… OK let’s accept that Mumbai is the ‘only truly cosmopolitan city in India’… but even their Pune edition gives this news a miss… Amen!


Anonymous said...

"while the chauvinist Marathi senas fight over the supremacy of languages, English has quietly marched on and become the second largest" in today`s toi ..
the way this is reported as there's some kind of pride n happiness.. the typical anti Marathi thing as we see in most of news in toi

sm said...

English is the language of world.
It just shows that Common man now wont be fooled by people who say study in mother tongue and there own kids go to English Schools.

Anonymous said...

there`s nothing wrong to study in Marathi.many developed countries still rely on their mother tongue than English.we don't have to change or get influenced by anybody`s thinking but should be proud on our mother tongue n try to preserve it.its high time government should increase the quality n start revamping the education system for betterment of Marathi.

Anonymous said...

Blog atishay chhan aahe tumcha , keep it up.

kahi mahatvachya links tumhi ADD karu shakta , mhanun det aahe :

Bollywood actress Sonali kulkarni becomes 1st indian actor who have worked in an internaional film as a lead role. till today nobody has worked in an international film as a lead actor. Be proud on her :)

references :
1) http://www.glamsham.com/movies/scoops/05/sep/14sonali.asp

2) http://www.indiaglitz.com/channels/hindi/article/21722.html


Anonymous said...

Marathi Filmcha Oscar sathi kautuk :


Meghana said...

Only Raj Thackeray's kids have the right to study in English-medium schools. All the rest of the kids should study in Marathi-medium schools...the Marathi Manoos will change the rules of the game. Marathi will replace English as the global language. Raj-saheb is doing a great sacrifice by not teaching his kids in a Marathi-medium school...


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