Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Marathi Bola

Just got this File on email… looks like a hypothetical conversation between Raj Thackeray and a customer response executive @ Tata Indicom...

...Depending upon which side of the 'divide' you are... this conversation will sound either 'repulsive', 'inspiring', 'non-sense', 'hilarious' or 'stupid'!


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Meghana said...

Horrible! Marathi chauvinism horribly going through the roof.

Meghana said...

Why is English okay for Mr. Marathi?

Talk of Hypocrisy!

Meghana said...

Everyone Tom, Dick and Harry Marathi thinks of himself as a Raj Thackeray now. Unfortunate that a culture that gave a Shivaji, a Tilak, a Savarkar is plagued by such un-thinking, hare-brained intellectuals.

Indian said...

Meghna, What state are you from? I have a few facts for you.
1) All states in India are divided solely based on the linguistic agenda/approach
2) That gives official language as a the national language's status according to 1967's official Indian languages act.
3)Is spoken marathi accepted in cities like Lakhnao, bhopal, delhi or patna for that matter?
4) Our fellow south Indians cleary refuse to entertain Hindi speakers in Hindi. Nobody calls they hypocrite.
5) Maharashtra is on the verge of loosing it's cultural identity just because of this. We have gone to every critical extent to make other feel home in Maharashtra. So much so that we don't mind speaking in Hindi with them all. Now that we realize, we are being taken for granted what's wrong in making Marathi compulsory?
6) She call talks of service industry. People working in service industry must have a knowledge of Official state language. I bet you didn't know that.
7) last but not least 'Hindi' is not national language. We will speak if we want to & when we want to. This language's imposition will be beaten down. Mark my words.


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