Monday, November 9, 2009

'One Tight Slap'




The Lone Wanderer said...

apt reaction to a disgusting action....

iampriteshdesai said...

Abu azmi sucks, but this thing sucked as well

rageaddict said...

Im not a big fan of raj thackeray but that mns fellow with all that gold chains around his neck did a fine job smacking around that abu azmi thug.

the day mns won 13 seats, i was flipping channels and i caught that mns gold guy on some marathi news channel and he speaks some awesome english. i was surprised. when asked about his gold, he said that he earned it and has no problem displaying it in the open, unlike the congress wallahs who stash all there's in swiss bank accounts.

im not marathi, maybe half marathi on my mothers side but i would vote for the mns IF they disband the muslim ghettos that have been thriving all around mumbai and maharashtra.

Mahesh Vijapurkar said...

I am Marathi who migrated to Mumbai 22 years ago after generations of my family stayed in the south. I like the language, respect it but am not an anti-migrant.

But I think MNS sank to the lowest level in a parliamentary democracy by converting a fora for debate, persuasion and decions to an akhada. Whatever a cause, one cannot debase institutions.

On the other hand, Abu Asim Azmi is entitled to his choice of Hindi but his excuse that he did not know Marathi is flawed. He who can read devnagari script can read the simple one sentence Marathi written out for him. He could have stood his ground to swear by Allah but he could have avoided that 'us' vs 'them' stance. He provoked but did that mean we slap people around?

I am disgusted by both the MNS and Azmi.

Nikhil said...

our CM was talking in 3 diff. language and he was translating wht he said in marathi to english and hindi.. for mediapersons..
not at all proud of such CM

'One tight slap' nakkich khedkarak ahe karan 'One is a vry small number' :(

Loved Ever said...

i like the idea of mns
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