Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Marathi Food… kuthe?

Even as legendary Marathi food joints like Anantashram are calling it a day
A group of foodies is trying to promote 'Marathi Gourmet Cuisine'
even going to the extent of releasing the Essential Marathi Cookbook’...

…and mind you… they have nothing to do with either of the Senas!


Meghana said...

Once I went to a Maharashtrian-run restaurant in Shivaji Park that also served Maharashtrian food, called Gypsy. The Manager/Owner who we placed the order with was the most unprofessional and rude people you could come across in your daily experiences. Fact of the matter is that Maharashtrians tend to make poor business people while Marwaris, Gujratis, Punjabis have done much better than them. If one looks at the construction/civil businesses in Mumbai, the field is filled to the brim with people from UP/Bihar/Jharkhand. Hard-working Marathi men are hard to find. Our working maid, a Maharashtrian with 2 children, has an able-bodied husband who sat at home jobless for 7 years! Raj Thackeray appeals to this un-empowered youth, who wants things on the platter. Mumbai is a land of opportunity for everyone except Maharashtrians. Instead of fighting a fair battle, Maharashtrians have chosen to become the proverbial cry-babies, lead by Mr Raj Thackeray.

Anonymous said...

I would say that your observation about marathi people is very narrow minded!


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