Sunday, July 26, 2009

Marathi Girls School in 1860s!

School of Mahratta Brahmin Girls in Bombay by William Simpson
Circa 1865
(Courtesy Victoria & Albert Museum, London)

This amazing painting show that Maharashtra was a pioneer when it came to women's education... such efforts by Jyotiba & Savitri Phule, Maharshi Karve and Shakutala Paranjpe paved way for the women's empowerment in Western India.


Anonymous said...

Maybe, but an upper caste one.

BharGo said...

Something is better than अजिबात nothing...

But dont forget that education for the downtrodden as well as abolishment of untouchability was also pioneered in this part of the country... Royal families from Kolhapur, Baroda and Sawantwadi have to be credited for the same!

BTW I was part of the BNHS trail u mentioned in ur blog!

Anonymous said...

ya but only d upper castle plp like bhramans got to study the rest were ignored .


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