Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Maratha Regiment leads Bastille Day parade

More than 6 decades after the Second World War, Maratha Light Infantry is back in Europe… this time to lead the Bastille Day Parade in France. This is the first time a non-French army regiment is leading the parade… a rare honour indeed!

Image Courtesy Times of India


iampriteshdesai said...

Wooohooo :)!!!!!!!!
Amazing! Jai Maratha!
I'm so happy to read this....

Anonymous said...

i am keshav kumbhar,
maratha regiment, is a very tallented & very paworfull in
indian army & i like army.
jai javan__jai kisan__jai maratha !!!

शिवाजीपुत्र महेंद्र said...

the great MARATHA


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