Friday, July 31, 2009

‘Linguistic Minorities’

3M is amused that Colleges built by non-Marathi communities are allowed to have 50% reservations for students from their community… But colleges built by Marathi Community can’t have reservations for Maharashtrian! Surprisingly many of these colleges have been built on land given by the Maharashtra Government.

Now that MNS has taken up this issue… will Shiv Sena be far behind?



Anonymous said...

they should take up this issue like marathi signboards......hope something is done very soon...since so many years marathi students are suffering specially in mumbai and pune.even the 90-10 quota is also would have done lil justice to marathi kids

neelakantan said...
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Anonymous said...

er, is that the same story for "hindu" colleges? Pl enlighten.

iampriteshdesai said...

I experienced this first hand last year..
Currently doing my se engg @vcet.
Most colleges DJ sanghvi, mithibai , thakur reserve seats for their communities.. what are we supposed to do?

Anonymous said...

ther is a managemet college named dalmia in miraroad wher ther is 50% hindi language people quota.there is no management quota but there is no any other quota such as sc/st/obc etc.

Anonymous said...

This is an issue which a pro-marathi government can easily solve.
A pro-marathi government will not give permission to any new linguistic minority schools/colleges. Government can delay/deny such permissions. So, it's really..the 'marathi' ministers who can stop this but they don't want to because they get bribes from the thakurs an dalmiyas and such types. So again..marathi people are themselves responsible. I am sure in Tamilnadu if a bhaiyya wants to start engineering college and reserve 50 % seats for bhaiyyas, the tamil education minister must be using that application as toilet paper..never to be seen again.


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