Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bombay 2 Mumbai

Maharashtra Government has requested the Centre to change the name of ‘Bombay High Court’ to ‘High Court of Mumbai’... 

So can we expect 'Mumbai Sapphire' Gin and music from 'Mumbai Bicycle Club' soon?

Will 'SoBo Central' become 'SoMu Central'?

Will Samantha from Bewitched contact Dr. Mumbai when she falls ill?

Will ‘Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation’ become ‘Mumbai  Myanmar Trading Corporation’?

So the only places you will find 'Bombay' will be a street in London, a town near New York, a beach in California and a hill range south of Auckland in New Zealand... and a host of Indian restaurants around the globe like Bombay Brasserie... Bombay Munch... Bombay Grill... Bombay Palace!


Mahesh Vijapurkar said...

And Bombay Duck into Mumbai Duck or Mumbai Batak though a dried fish? And Bambaiya Hindi into Mumbaiya Rashtra bhasha? Oh my!!!

Abhishek K said...

Waves of change..Though may seem insignificant or inconvenient apparently but remember that history remembers names. That's why when Mughals came not only they converted Hindus but also city names: ahmednagar, hyderabad, allahabad are just to name a few.


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