Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raj @ Times Now

3M was amused at the style in which Times Now tomtomed the Raj Thackeray interview as 'First for any National Channel'... and hats off to Raj for being the first Maharashtrian Politician to have the guts to speak in Marathi on a National Channel... something that even his uncle could not do!


The Lone Wanderer said...

u call it guts i call it arrogance

BharGo said...

Why did no one call Karunanidhi "arrogant" when he spoke to national TV in Tamil after the Lok Sabha victory??? Ditto for Mulayam in Hindi?

Nikhil said...

@The lone wanderer.. u mean if somebody speaks in his mothertongue, he is arrogant :P

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Its very heartening to see Marathis asserting themselves and gathering 'courage' to speak in their tongue.Its nothing short of revolution.
While some idiots may term it is 'arrogance', Raj has surely won the heart of this Marathi manoos.

Kalpesh said...


I think your blog is interesting.

I was born in Mumbai in a Gujarati speaking family. I understand Marathi well & speak some of it.

I love, what all our languages has to offer.

Caution: All politicians claim to play this card (of emotional appeal) esp. when election comes closer. If you look at history, great leaders never went into dividing people by language, caste, color, income class etc.

I hope you get what I am saying.
His speaking in Marathi isn't arrogance.

People can treat him the way a Japanese PM addresses an audience of non-Japanese with the help of translators/sub-titles. Also his speech in Marathi doesn't help the "manoos" on the ground except the "emotional appeal".

Try putting out the emotions & see what is really being done. If he does good, he is well worth the praise.

The Lone Wanderer said...

@Bhargo, nikhil

I nowhere implied that speaking in your mother tongue makes you arrogant. But this is a clear case of "Sau Chuhe kha ke billi Haj ko chali". His strictly Marathi speaking avatar came to the fore only after the anti migrant tirade last year. Why him, even his party spokespersons were speaking in Marathi in major debates on national TV in the aftermath of the riots. Incidentally, now all of them have gone back to Hindi and English. It is not assetion of the Marathi roots but the politics of convenience according to me which to be fair everyone in the political arena is guilty of.

Bal Thackerey choosing to speak in Hindi or English and not in Marathi does not reflect his lack of guts but his desire to reach out to a larger nationwide audience which Raj is not interested in right now. But u never know whats in store ahead.

As for karunanidhi, for a man who named his son after Stalin, the less said the better. But i agree with you that the national media becomes amnesiac in many similar instances.

by using words like idiots, you make ur opinion not worth considering.


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