Friday, September 11, 2009

Chandoba online

Over the last half century, Chandamama has enthralled the Indian kids… and on its Golden Jubilee, Geodesic has strengthened its online presence! Now you can enjoy their Marathi microsite Chandoba.

3M Quiz… most people are aware that the name of Chandamama changes according to language the magazine gets published in… so it’s ‘Ambulimama’ in Tamil, ‘Chandoba’ in Marathi and so on. So the question is… which is the only other Indian brand that changes name depending on the state it is sold in?


Yawning Dog said...

kalnirnay asava...barobar ahe ka?

BharGo said...

Actually no... Coz it is the same word 'Kalnirnay' has been written in local languages... the meaning is not translated!

The correct answer is 'Tortoise Mosquito Coils'... in Maharashtra it is 'Kaasav Chap' and in north 'Kachua Chap' and so on... This used to be the case... have not seen it in shops recently!


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