Thursday, October 30, 2014

Everything comes from Maharashtra!

3M loves to highlight the "Marathi Touch" in the most unexpected places in this world by giving examples like Castles in London and "South Indian" Sambhar to a quaint Bengali Palace and the Malaysian Railways

Anil, my ex-boss would always tease me that I sound like the “Everything comes from India” guy in the British serial 'Goodness Gracious Me'… luckily found the entire compilation of this guy’s scenes on YouTube… enjoy!!!

SPECIAL NOTE FOR ANIL - Please do not forget that 7 out of 16 "Makers of Modern India" are Marathi ;-)

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Anonymous said...

I think there is a pressing need to highlight Maharashtra's contribution to the nation, right from medieval times to the present. Usually Punjab/ Rajasthan etc are so hyped up everywhere that people think only these states contribute to India, when in fact other states might have contributed more. For example, milkha singh actually just came fourth at the Olympics (did not win a mdeal) but he is a celebrity and people are 'inspired' by him but the vast majority hasn't even heard of Kashba Jadhav who actually won a bronze medal, overcoming much more stiffer challenges and much before milkha singh's 4th place finish (as an aside this is also a reason why India hasn't won many medals, cos people's tendency is to celebrate a person who markets himself instead of a person who has actually won).


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