Saturday, April 20, 2013

Did the Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev visit Kumbh Mela as a kid?

3M has been closely watching the Boston Bombing for the last 2 days as two of his close relatives are staying in that city. After the initial Sunil Tripathi farce,  the needle of suspicion pointed to the Tsarnaev Brothers of Chechen origin. It was hard to believe that this innocent looking teen called Dzhokhar would be responsible for such a dastardly act!

Then comes this front page ad in Bombay Times about a forthcoming Prabhudeva Movie called "Ramaiya Vastavaiya"... Hmmm!


Rahul Kulkarni said...

Horribly offensive! Why would you make an image comparing terrorist and Girish Kumar.

Do you know how pathetic this post sounds? Its not funny, please delete it before the image goes around. Indians like you embarrass rest of us Indians out there.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious Dude. just ignore this Rahul Idiot. sounds like Kalki Koechlin from ZNMD "Indian like you embarrass us".

Pooh Pooh!

Pappu Gandhi said...

Why would a Muslim terrorist come to Kumbh Mela????

Anonymous said...

Pappu tu sirf angutha choos. Terrorist ko Modi dekh lega!

Rahulchi Aai said...

Rahul Kulkarni has a Nonsense of humor!

Mahesh Vijapurkar said...

You got it wrong - look at their noses!


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