Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Indian Language Quiz

An office colleague was miffed that people on streets of Vile Parle (E) refused to speak to her in Hindi... her logic was that all Indians should know the "National Language"! So 3M devised an "Indian Language Quiz" for her... and I am sure it will be an eyeopener for the readers of this blog too!

All readers are supposed to answer this quiz without Googling! The answers will be posted tomorrow...


1] Which is the National Language of India?
a) Hindi b) English c) Tamil d) None of these

2] After Hindi, which language has the most number of newspaper readers in India?
a) Malayalam b) Marathi c) Tamil d) English

3] Of the languages given below, which one has more native speakers than French in 2012?
a) Tamil b) Gujarati c) Kannada d) Marathi

4] Which of these languages has lesser number of native speakers than those of Tamil in India?
a) Bengali b) Telugu c) Marathi d) None of the above

5] Which of these Indo-Aryan languages has the oldest literary tradition?
a) Hindi b) Bengali c) Marathi d) Gujarati

6] In which Indian language was the first non-English newspaper published?
a) Hindi b) Tamil c) Marathi d) Gujarati

7] Which of these Indian languages was not included in the Voyager Golden Record sent in outer space for Extraterrestrials?
a) Hindi b) Marathi c) Malayalam d) Oriya

8] Which of these languages has the oldest modern theatre tradition?
a) Hindi b) Telugu c) Marathi d) Bengali

9] What was the mother toungue of the first man (Raghunath D) to propose in Indian Parliament that Hindi should be our national language?
a) Hindi b) Bengali c) Punjabi d) Marathi

10] Most coins of Maratha Empire were stuck in which language
a) Marathi b) Sanskrit c) Hindi d) Persian


A Hindi Speaker said...

1] a) Hindi
2] d) English
3] a) Tamil
4] b) Telugu
5] a) Hindi
6] a) Hindi
7] d) Oriya
8] d) Bengali
9] a) Hindi
10]a) Marathi

Anonymous said...

Are these trick questions?

BharGo said...

These are not "Trick Questions"!!! but the answers can stun you and break your long held myths about Indian languages!

Marathi Manoos said...

Bhaiyya lokanna ata tari akkal yeil ka?

Anonymous said...

1) d) None of theses
2) b) Marathi
3) d) Marathi
4) d) None of these
5) c) Marathi
6) c) Marathi
7) d) Oriya
8) c) Marathi
9) d) Marathi
10) d) Persian

Anonymous said...

Is she Tamil or North Indian?

Tamilians expect non-tamilians to speak in Tamil in their state, but some of them speak Hindi when they come to Maharashtra. I know some of them, they are the biggest Hypocrites. My tamil boss lives in Mumbai for so many years and he don’t speak Marathi, but he/harami speaks Gujarati with our HR manager.

And Many North Indians are Arrogant [please read the answers of “A (Arrogant) Hindi Speaker”]. They will not speak in Marathi even if they know the language.

Even some other communities in Mumbai don’t speak Marathi. One of my office colleague who is a Gujarati, born and brought up in Hyderabad shifted to Mumbai 3 years back. She told me that, when they were in Hyderabad they used to speak Telugu at home and now in Mumbai they speak Hindi. Is Hindi official language of state of Maharashtra????

We are not against any community..We are against the people who don't respect our language and culture..

BharGo said...

These are the correct answers...

1] d) None of these (India has no National language!!! Do read a post on the same on my blog...)

2] b) Marathi (Followed by Malayalam and then English)

3] d) Marathi (There are more Marathi native speakers than those of French, Italian or Korean!!!)

4] d) None of the above (Ranking in India - Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi and then Tamil... Just bcoz the anti-Hindi campaign was lead by Tamilians most people think it is the second largest language)

5] c) Marathi (Dating back to 1000 AD)

6] d) Gujarati (Mumbai Samachar in Gujarati was started in 1822)

7] c) Malayalam (3M finds it rather strange that Oriya was preferred over Malayalam)

8] c) Marathi (Vishnudas Bhave is considered the pioneer in Modern Indian drama as he staged 'Sita Swayamwar' in 1843)

9] d) Marathi (His complete name Raghunath Vinayak Dhulekar!)

10] d) Persian (with exception of Shivaji, most Maratha coins were in Persian)

3M is sure that a lot of these answers would have ended up breaking some of your long held perceptions about Indian languages!

pooja khale said...

may i know what is 3M?
its just bcz i came across dis blog while doing project. i lykd belgaum issue article but is confused wht is 3M. cn pls ny1 tell me?

BharGo said...

The Blog header clearly explains what is 3M - Madhyamvargiya Marathi Manoos (Middle class Marathi Man)


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