Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kripashankar Singh’s spin!

After making statements like “हिंदी माझी आई... मराठी माझी मावशी!” on Marathi TV channels, Kripashankar Singh (the Mumbai Congress Chief) suddenly joined the “North Indians can bring Mumbai to standstill” bandwagon which was started by Sanjay Nirupam earlier... leading to fireworks by T-company!

Now a DNA report claims that he is now trying to appease the Marathi Manoos by trying to emphasise on the ‘sons of the soil’ agenda. So is he building bridges with Marathi voters? Please look closer to his definition of “Sons of the soil” – Bhandaris, Kolis, Agris & Christians... This means Marathi speaking people who do not belong to these castes are “outsiders”!

Mr. Singh... Don’t be under the illusion that 3M can’t see your ulterior motives!

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