Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anna Hazare's appeal grows

BharGo's Insight: Anna Hazare has emerged as the only Marathi leader (Artists or sports persons not included) since independence who has achieved a pan-India appeal... Only Lokmanya Tilak managed to do it a century ago!


Anonymous said...

Forget Marathi, there was no pan India leader other than Jaiprakash Narayan, after independence who could gather such a support from every part of the India. People were desperately seeking such leadership.
Now their is great responsibility on Anna's shoulder to give justice to these aspiration and create a history.

Neha said...

what happend to you mr. anna, first check the corrupt people in your own group and then look at others. A mere law cannot eradicate corruption. corrruption is in peoples mind and heart. which law can remove corruption from peoples minds.


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