Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dhobi Ghat

More than a decade ago, 3M used to travel by local train to his college in Churchgate. What used to amuse him was that come rain or sunshine a battery of Firangi tourists would be perched atop the road bridge @ Mahalaxmi Station... clicking snaps of something to the east of the station with their fancy contraptions. Curiosity got better of 3M one day and he decided to check out the spectacle himself! Much to his surprise the tourist were taking snaps of the Dhobi Ghat… washer men and women washing clothes in rows of manmade water tanks…. And thousands of clothes put out to dry in the warm sun… a sight they can never see in the First World!

Now Kiran Rao brings you the magic of this ‘Public Washing Machine’ in her new movie ‘DHOBI GHAT’!

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