Monday, September 13, 2010

Pendurkar to head Kellogg India

After a successful career in Unilever, HSBC & Coke, Sangeeta Pendurkar will now head Kellogg India... So can we expect Kellogg's Kande Pohe in the market next year?


Meghana said...

Indeed, Kelloggs is finally under the control of people who rightfully deserve to run it. Finally, the Marathi Manoos breakfast will get its rightful due on the Global breakfast table. The conspiracy to keep the Marathi Breakfast items off the world's tables may be succeeded so far, but not any more. Ms Marathi Manoos will do the work of Raj Thackeray under the Maharashtra Breakfast Nirman Sena.

Anonymous said...

How the hell did you miss out on the CWG winner, Kavita Raut? What about my Marathi Manoos pride that I earn while sitting at home doing nothing but twiddling my thumbs? When Kavita Raut did something to make me proud why the hell would you "conspire" to deprive me of that pride, 3M?

Vander Konig said...

Kellogg's Kanda Pohe? That is so lame it's not even funny

She replaced a guy called Anupam Dutta at Kellogg's, and when he was VP, I'm sure they weren't making Kellogg's fish and rice or Kellogg's mishti dohi

You guys need to lighten up a bit

BharGo said...

@ Vander... humour is beyond you! sad


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