Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Not so Golden" Jubilee

In the past this blog has highlighted that Times of India tends to give a cold shoulder to “Marathi News”. As expected these guys whitewashed the Maharashtra Golden Jubilee celebrations from the first page. Not only in Mumbai Edition but also in Pune and Nagpur.
3M would like to believe that these guys do not promote “Regionalism”… but to his surprise, the Ahmedabad Edition of TOI had “Vibrant Gujarat Golden Jubilee” on the cover page… and the headline is "At 50, ready to rival Mumbai"... Hmmm!




Anonymous said...

Gaadhav loka aahet he. My blood burns when I see such articles. 3M I think you should forward this to Rajasaheb. We NEED to preserve our culture, by hook or CROOK. I fully support Rajasaheb's actions (what ever be the hidden agenda). At least you see one man holding the Marathi Pride high.

PRATIK said...

asa chutiyapa apan aaj var khapvat alo ahot mhanun he hotay


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