Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Marathi Manoos’s contribution to Gujarati Language

3M Trivia: Did you know that Gujarati Grammar rules were written by a Marathi Manoos? Strange but true! A team of Marathi Pandits headed by Gangadhar Shastri Phadake took the onerous task of compiling the rules of Gujarati grammar under the auspices of Native School Book & School Society in Mumbai. The society could not find a Gujarati worthy enough to handle the job! And now half a century later, another Marathi Manoos (Khandbahale) contributes to the language by starting an online Gujarati Dictionary.

So next time a Gujarati friend asks you what have Marathis contributed to Mumbai… show him this post!



BHAVESH said...

why are you trying to divide gujartis and marathis?
We are all Hindus.
This is the need of the hour

Anonymous said...

The owner of this blog is a crazy chauvinist!

Vander Konig said...

Mr BharGo, I think you are paranoid and a closet parochialist

Nobody ever thought of themselves as better than the Marathi people before the MNS and the SS started their respective circuses. It's only now that people are saying things like ,'at least we don't block roads, throw stones and beat up cabbies like those Marathi people. But of course, that's because they have no class'

BharGo said...

@ Vander Konig... at least have the guts to right your real name!


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